Sainc - Pathogen

What I understand from these four polish guys website, Sainc started out in 2004 and ´Pathogen´ is their debut album. They´re not making things easy for themselves. Combining influences from different acts like Cock & Ball Torture, Korn and Pantera, they create an odd kind of music that is hard to describe. It´s like slow death metal, with clear hardcore ingredients, but don´t expect any technical drums or fancy guitarsolos, because the songs are far from complex. The muffled production (except for the excellent bass-sound that is extremely Korn-ish) brings down the album to a demo level, but there are a few fine tunes I must say. Favourites are ´Wrong replication´ and ´Regenerate´  with a their obvious hit potential, but besides them the creepy intro are the most interesting this album has to offer. Sadly the vocals skips between low growls and aggressive hardcore screams. It would be better using only one of them. Saincs positive sides is that have managed to form an unique sound, which are rare these days. And they don´t play over their capability, a mistake many bands do, and fail. Solid, but not gold.

  1. Gene Resurrection
  2. New Old World
  3. Furious Modifications
  4. Wrong Replication
  5. Regenerate 
  6. Ormus
  7. Toxic Medicine
  8. MHC/HLA
  9. HGP 

Self released
Reviewer: Micke
Oct 27, 2009

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