Sainc - Schizis

Sainc perform death-grind with a focus on psychological ailments, and their latest album, 'Schizis,' is certainly killer. Not only are the lyrics creative but the group also performs some well paced music without making it unbearable to hear or understand. Lots of goregrind or deathgrind bands that tend to lean towards the more medical side of life erupt too quickly in their music which cheapens the effect of the intelligence behind the lyrics. Sainc avoid this pitfall by adding a lot of groove to their music in the style of riffs and certain drum melodies, such as on "Forbidden Psyche." The track is regretfully short, but demonstrates the band's best balance of sound.

While some tracks like "Primitive Fear" do tend to lean towards the nonsensical aggressive side of death metal and leave the listener hanging trying to pick pieces of their brain back together from trying to understand everything, another great quality of Sainc's music is to incorporate brief samples, either in the form of random sounds or spoken word samples, into their tracks. Songs like "Basement Demons" feature strange looping sounds and "Depression" almost has this catchy industrial feel to it as the music rhythmically chugs along in an energetic fashion. Sometimes it is one of those 'stop and go' kind of things like a jerky roller coaster ride but overall this track has best experimental qualities the band has to offer and also shows their skill at  being able to more than just sub-par with a lot of other bands out there. "Darkness In Time" also does a good job at adding sampling sounds in the mix with the death metal, which tends to be a mix of bleeps and also stranger moans that sound like they came out of an insane asylum.

Overall the album is creative and engaging and basically a new sound amongst so many other deathgrind bands out there. For those who feel that a lot of death metal has gotten cliche and overused with the same blastbeats, lyrical themes, and vocal styles, Sainc take things a step further to try and keep the spirit of deathgrind alive in all its typical fashion, but also adding extra bells and whistles to make people pay attention rather than risk staying 'true' to the genre and sadly at the same time sounding like about fifty other bands who all tend to delve into the same pool of themes and lyrics.

  1. 666 Phobia
  2. Senectus
  3. Stressor
  4. Basement Demons
  5. Depression
  6. Forbidden Psyche
  7. War Stress
  8. Insane Hunter
  9. Primitive Fear
  10. Darkness Time

Chaos Productions
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 8, 2011

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