Salacious Gods - Piene

Third album of one of the most destructive black metal bands from Holland. With adding a second guitarplayer the musical direction is much aggressive than before. The songs are raging on a continues high speed level with few mid tempo breaks. But the guitars are indeed heavy and with full force. Vocals are hellish and raw and with some titles in a Dutch slang I guess they also sing dual language. The lastest demon from Salacious Gods is for the aggressive baptised black metal fanatic who can handle this energy.

1. Knekelvoeste
2. Black Bile Desecration
3. Ieskoald in Piene
4. Annexation to the Pentagram
5. Scars on my Wrists
6. Hexencult
7. Sarin Attack
8. Slaughtering Blashemic Hellforce
9. Striem'n op de Pokkel 1227
10. Das Todestal
Folter Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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