Saprobiontic - Apocalyptic Retribution

Saprobiontic's music is as cool as their logo. What you get here is a reckoning, oblivion-styled death metal assault on the ears in the modern styles of Cannibal Corpse and Thy Art Is Murder. These German bruisers are no newcomers to the platform, as "Apocalyptic Retribution" is the band's third release in total, and their sophomore album.

The opening tracks of the record initiate the death metal charm that Saprobiontic are able to caress. The peers are easily noticeable throughout, mainly looking at the previously mentioned kings of death metal, Cannibal Corpse. The riffs and vocal hooks are quite clearly in awe to these death metal titans, whilst there's also the groove from tracks like 'Eschaton', where Decapitated and more modern bands are noticeable as inspiration among this record. Technicality isn't missing from the record, nor is it abused, instead the bludgeoning riffs remain in touch with the older generation of death metal before them. Having said all this, there's still some character left in Saprobiontic to confront an album brimful of fresh and well-designed death metal despite not completely sounding original.

'Language Of A Lost Empire' is enchanting and almost catchy, its redeeming feature is similar to most tracks on the record, and that is that it's nearly impossible to refuse to bang your head or at least commit some form of physical metal stereotype formation with a part of your human physique. 'Pathogen-Induced Insanity' is perhaps my favourable track as it develops multiple styles into one and has a more melodic backbone to its complexity, despite still battering away as ferociously as possible - overall leaning more towards bands like Nile than say, Braindrill.

The song titles suggest the band are straying from their horror and gore previous themes, entering the more dominant categories of religion and war. Whilst both topics have been covered to death in the metal realms, there's simply always room for more welcomed in our community. And if you disagree, you're probably listening to the wrong types of music. "Apocalyptic Retribution" is a great effort for a modern death metal band exploring old ruins, but doing it righteous with a punching, present production that could easily be digestible for old and new metal fans worldwide.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Fires Of Judgement (Intro)
2. Biological Invaders
3. Curtain Of Truth
4. Apocalyptic Conflagration
5. Nemesis Of The World
6. Eschaton
7. Language Of A Lost Empire
8. Pathogen-Induced Insanity
9. Steps Of Retribution
10. Dead Certainty