Sarmat - RS-28

With a name deriving from a destructive nuclear weapon that would wreck 2000 times more havoc, death and terror than the nukes thrown on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Sarmat is dedicating itself to extreme metal music. This Polish band was founded in 2018 by (ex) members from numerous bands and since then started to perfect their musical skills which came to manifest itself in 2021 with the album "RS-28".

'Coldgrinder' is the first song from the album, beginning fast with blast beats and solid guitar riffs, the vocals are kicking in right after. The whole song is one musical metal mayhem and chaos with cold disturbing growls and screams guiding the lines, after a few minutes the song suddenly fades away and before you even knew what has happened the second song 'Evilution' is following up with a haunting guitar intro. 'Evilution' is another combination of well timed drum parts in combination with tight interlocking guitar parts. The vocals are wrecking havoc again and with a similar formula from 'Coldgrinder' in speed and extremeness, 'Evilution' shares a lot of similarity with the first track on the album. The guitar parts in the middle of this track are again haunting and as the song is reaching its end well played cooperation in the form of accents between the drums and guitars are being played. Let's not forget that keeping this part tight at this speed and intensity is an example of a lot of practice together and at home. 'You Don’t Live In My War' starts of slow and heavy with dragging crawling vocals and a solid rhythm on the drums. This part might be a good example that although blast beats are great they don’t always fit in every part of extreme music. Speaking about blast beats, after the slow intro they announce the beginning of a small technical bridge whereafter again a heavy part of this song is starting followed by more blast beats and musical carnage. After the guitar solo the song is slowly fading away with guitars and whispering voices in the background. 'You Don’t Live In My War' is the longest track on this album and in my opinion one of the best. With "RS-28" Sarmat is making clear that they are pioneering extreme music with fast and steady parts in combination with groovy fills and no matter how intensive the vocals, drums and guitars are there is always some form of melody to be found in cooperation with steady ground provided by the bass guitar. Tight interlocking music is also a term that I could use to describe this band, people often forget that to get to this level of musicianship a lot of practice is needed.

The overall sound on this album is a good one, the mastering is done very well. Again I have to remind you that mixing extreme drums in combination with guitars and vocals is something that doesn’t come easy or fast. If you’re a fan of extreme underground music I can definitely recommend listening to Sarmat. Lets hope that in the near future Sarmat will get the change to play live again because it is one thing to record an album but another to play this type of music live. It would probably be a concert that you wouldn’t want to miss.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Coldgrinder
2. Evilution
3. The Shining Of Oneiros
4. RS-28
5. Seeds of Uncertainty
6. You Don't Live In My War
7. Blackout (Scenario For Tomorrow) Part I
8. Blackout (Scenario For Tomorrow) Part II

Self released
Reviewer: Daan Winkelhorst
Jan 19, 2022

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