Satans Penguins - Birds of Darkness

What kind of a name is this? Is satanism infiltrated among these fluffy creatures? It is hard to take this band serious when you also read the lyrics of influences by Batman, the Smurfs and Penguins. But according their bio they are serious only having a different kind of perspective of the reality.

Well, they play some kind of BM aggressive parts mixed with classical influences. Not afraid of using a sax or female voices. There are really good parts in their songs. Played with skills and entertaining for the 44 minutes. Try to get a listen to it if you can.

1. Antarctic Winterstorm
2. The Myth (In The Norther Woods)
3. An Evil Shade Of Pink
4. Night Of The Penguins
5. Behind Mountains Of Ice
6. The Return Of The Undead Smurfs (Gargamels Revenge II)
7. Mutant Ninja Penguins (From Hell)
8. Emigrantvisan
Heretic Sound
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 25, 2001

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