Sea Of Desperation - Spiritual Lonely Pattern

Beautifully dark and somberfull metal. Spawned from the mind of Lefthander, Sea Of Desperation is music chocked with raw depressive emotion. Lefthander covers the specturm of all music, from metal to folk acoustic, from Traditional to Death Metal. This record is as heavy as it is accessable to any metal fan. Weither you like dark, symphonic, heavy, death... no matter what your prefrence, this is a record that you must check out. There are few albums I have said to rank in my top 10 for this year.... This will rank in my top 5. This is an increadible record!! You must listen to this album if its the last thing you do this year. For fans of Katatonia, anything Dan Swano has done, Opeth, and the god father of them all... Death!

1. Departure
2. 22nd November
3. Cast Me Reflection
4. My Spiritual Lonely Pattern
5. Follow The LIghts
6. Memoria
7. Dream Hole
8. Htaed

Stygian Crypt Productions
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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