Secretum - Happy Happy Killing Time

Debut CD from this modern thrash band. Based in Germany this trio play their tunes aggressive and add some death metal pieces. Pity that they don't use much more guitarleads to create an extra push to the raging riffs. Shouter is understandable so you can sing along some chorus lines. Nice thrashy drums with some good tempo breaks. In the intro of "Decapitation" you can hear their current vocalist. Secretum don't bring anything new in the scene but deliver a heavy steady album but that rmx song should be deleted!

1. Don’t look now
2. Loss of blood
3. Axis of evil
4. Snow white
5. Metalpyromaniac
6. Happy, happy killing time
7. Decapitation
8. Stronger than you
9. Don’t look now (rmx)

Metal Age Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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