Sectioned - Purulent Reality

"Straightforward no bullshit metal, simple as that" - A line that heads the bands myspace. I dont think you can question that nor really expect anything else than this. Upon sticking the cd into my hi-fi, i am greeted with a very lo-fi recording almost reminscent of the early 90s Scott burns recordings. Granted its a little messier than the aforementioned but i dig what they are trying to do with it.

Musically their roots lie deep embedded in Boltthrower and Entombed. The music is very stripped back, nothing fancy,nothing technical opting for darn right all out heaviness instead of technicality (i agree boys). From what i gather here, the boys relocated to New York but clearly they havent embraced the "new york sound" ie slams etc ala Suffocation which has got to be commended on sticking to their guns.

Vocally, the range goes from guttural to throat rippin` highs and lyrically theres not much reference to the usual topics eg Gore or Satan but from what looks to be poetry which is cool for it makes a change from the normal.

I have to say the cover work looks great and looks almost very Dan Seagrave but thats all good here as hes my favourite cover artist. I think these boys are dark horses and are definitely a band to look out for. Their musicis raw and from the heart and above all else damn fuckin` heavy. Old school but with a little bit of something else in the mix. Most definitely worth a listen. Filthy!!!!

1.   A Lonely Grasp of Winter
2.   My Love of Decay
3.   Loneliest Man 
4.   Behind My Eyes
5.   Mirrors  
6.   Village of the Sun 
7.   Purulent Reality (Outro)

Paragon Records
Reviewer: Connor
Jun 17, 2010

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