See Through Secrecy – The Voice Inside

A breath of fresh air was brought upon me when listening to this 5 track EP. An original take on metalcore with a female singer, perfect! I can say now that this hits harder than a lot of full length albums by most of the standard metalcore bands these days. From the shredding guitar solos and bouncy rhythms, this EP takes influences from other aspects of metal and meshes it in to one solid as hell effort. All instruments outdo themselves and really gain their own ground throughout this EP, however I really want to take the time to say how much I adored the vocals. From the screams to the melodically soothing cleans, she has it all. I found the vocals extremely fitting and definitely provided originality for the overall appeal of this record.

I found this to be an EP that mixed the groove and melodic elements very well, from being crushed down in to pieces from the hard hitting assault from the verse, to then being thrown in to a perfect melodic chorus. Of course what I’m describing hear sounds like something the average metalcore band does, but See Through Secrecy do it in a way that differentiates themselves from the standard act and aim for a much less “poppy” chorus that is present in mainstream metalcore. This is definitely one of my favourite aspects of the EP and I’m sure other listeners will pick up on the take too.

Overall, I was very impressed with this short but solid release and in simple words, this EP kicks ass and is definitely recommended for anyone who likes their metalcore heavy and original.

  1. Let Me Go
  2. In Your Memory
  3. Stay Away
  4. The Voice Inside
  5. Empty-Handed

Self released
Reviewer: Samuel Worsfold
Oct 30, 2014

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