Seita - Asymmetric Warfare

'Asymmetric Warfare' is the full length debut from Seita, a Thrash Metal band out of the Netherlands. Rather basic in its style, the album relies heavily on groove and thick, chugging riffs and roared/ shouted vocals to grab listener attention, every once in a while adding in a few screeches here and there for variation. While it certainly sounds like a painful delivery, track after track, there is a lot of emotion that is included in the vocals behind the chugging music (that sometimes almost sounds a bit like Hardcore) and will certainly wipe away any doubt that there was a lot of studio alteration with the album overall. Tracks like "Godlike" are faster without delay and just shred straight through without any remorse or denial much in the vein of groups like Slayer and even earlier Metallica (except less Rock oriented). One thing fans will definitely appreciate about this album is the rhythm of the drums which always fire off in bursts rather than just a montonous stream and keep up with the guitars when they stop n' go. "Baptism" has a bit more of a Hardcore chug to it and will appeal more to those who like Modern Metal bands such as Skinlab for the mid paced, all around approach.

"Oppressive Redemption" changes the formula a bit on the drums; this time they tend to feel a bit faster than the rhythms which have definitely slowed down a bit but aren't soft at all. Here Seita show off some of their best Groove Metal moments here. The closing "Ditadura" has one of the better closing statements in guitar compared to most Thrash Metal albums with the slow, lengthy chords that suddenly explode with a high energy solo that is bombastic and can really get a crowd going at a live show. The soaring sound is just perfect overall as it delivers something that hasn't really been seen on the album yet. While all the other tracks tend to stop short, this one just lets it ring and scream all the way out. Overall, 'Asymmetric Warfare' takes the best of Thrash and Groove Metal and puts it altogether for some pretty enjoyable music that ranges from fast to mid pace but still remains highly accessible without having any fans feel really averse to wanting to give this album a try.

  1. The Awakening
  2. Godlike
  3. Know Your Enemies
  4. The Riot Starter Inside Everybody
  5. Reborn On Fire
  6. What Cures
  7. Baptism
  8. Oppressive Redemption
  9. No One But Me
  10. Ditadura

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 21, 2012
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