Selefice - I Met A God

Formed in 1990 in Athens, Selefice is an extreme metalband and was founded in the same period as bands like Acid Death, Rotting Christ and Septicflesh. The band even shared the stage with some of these bands back in the 90's. When they released their first demo "Selefice" in 1991 it sold 1000 copy's worldwide. This is not bad at all when you remember that in that time there was no Spotify, iTunes ect.

After playing as much shows in and around Athens the band went back in studio to record "Where Is The Heaven" in 1993. This was the only full album they made until today. "Where Is The Heaven" was well received in the extreme metal underground but the band split up in 1994 due to circumstances. The album is seen as 'one of the many hidden diamonds in the greek extreme metal scene' and Selefice regained a cult status in Greece.

Even after 24 years there was a demand for a Selefice reunion and in 2015 the band re-released their album along with extra demo's from the 90's entitled "Long Live THe Past". But that was not all, at the same time 2 founding band members felt the urge to revive the band, and in 2017 this finally happened when the line-up was complete.
And after some live shows and another re-release the band (Miltos, Petros, Manos and Vaggelis) went back into the studio to record "I Met A God". The EP features 3 songs created in 2017/2018 but also has one song dating back to 1994.

"I Met A God" is a combination of blast beats, slow heavy parts and changing guitar (art)work. At first I had to get used to the vocals because I had not heard anything like it for years, they are changing in the songs between clean vocals and more rough edged growling. Since the EP only has four songs I am going to pick my favorite song 'Kol Haneshama'. Beginning with a soft intro but eventually getting more powerful, this build-up in the first part of the song is concept that works again and again and really works in favour of the song. The rest of 'Kol Haneshama' is a combination of slow changing riffs, clean /growling vocals, and some very tight drum fills. The bass guitar in this song is solid and gives more warmth and dept throughout the whole album.

The conclusion is that after 25 years after breaking up Selefice is back. "I Met A God" has that greek metal sound from the 90's combined with the modern day recording techniques. Although it only has 4 songs the EP is of good musical quality but sometimes the songs could use a bit more power. The guitars are a combination of melodic, atmospheric and extreme metal. This combination creates a kind of own style in the guitar sound on this album. It is a good comeback and I hope that this EP is not the last thing we hear from Selefice.


1. Mora
2. Kol Haneshama
3. I Met A God
4. Damned

Self released
Reviewer: Daan Winkelhorst
Jun 3, 2019
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