Self-Hatred - Theia

Hailing from the Czech Republic comes Self-Hatred a new doom metal band. These guys are not unfamiliar in the scene since they are  the former members of Et Moriemur, Dissolving Of Prodigy, and Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy. The last 2 bands do not ring a bell but Et Moriemur I do know and that is an excellent doom band.

This album brings you 7 tracks of old school and atmospheric death doom metal. The songs are of course very slow and have a very great groove in it. The guitar riffs are typical 90,s doom, Think of old My Dying Bride and the first Paradise Lost. The drums are exactly what you want to hear slow transcending and with not too much bullshit in it. The vocals are very deep and controlled grunts combined with screams and you can hear everything he sings (if you listen well). The backing vocals are mainly female fronted and epic, not really my cup of tea but definitely not bad or annoying. The also have keyboards in the songs that give it a really dark and miserable atmosphere, And what is also very important for me is that the keys are not too loud in the mix.

This album is filled with a fantastic groove that reminds me of bands like old My Dying Bride, Anathema, Doom:VS and many more. The songs are long and filled with variety. The composing and production of the songs are also very good. For an Debut album I can say that this is a very good album. The album flies by when you listen to it. The only thing that is a pity for me is that is only 40 minutes of music. For me it could take the double of the time!!

  1. Guilt
  2. Theia
  3. Slither
  4. Attraction
  5. No Judgement
  6. Self-reflection
  7. Memories