Sensazione - Anche I Pesci Hanno Sete

The project Sensazione started in 1998 by Gabriele Rustichelli and with the help of different musicians he created the sound of Sensazione. Released the debut album "Frammenti... Tra Rumori E Parole" he released the follow up in 2006 called "Anche I Pesci Hanno Sete" (Fishes Are Thirsty Too). Beside the album title all the lyrics are in Italian and I don't have a clue where they are signing about. And I think this won't help to get them famous outside Italy. Musically the album thrives on light weighted rock music. Easy to tap to and music you can play at a party of your girly.

1. Quando La Coscienza Cigola
2. X Sentirmi Meglio
3. Vertigini E Suoni
4. Bianchi Lividi
5. Offuscata Dimensione
6. Antidoto
7. StereoT.P.
8. Vivere A 1/2
9. Il Suo Difetto
10. Concime Sterile
11. Overdose Estetica
12. Koyanisquatsi

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Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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