Sense vs Sanity – Out Of The Void

WOW! first of all I must say that I am happy to know this talented musician Sander Stegeman, which I never heard before, and after hearing this album I consider him a promise to fans of melodic progressive death metal followers about full of creativity and mesmerizing virtuosity, and I call it fully monumental inspiration in this album that evolves throughout a desperate and ambitious incredible masterpiece dowry tremendously addictive modern and fully awesome!
Apparently and to take into account, he focused on this album to define it an amazing work with the support of musicians and so strikingly detonate a massive amount of fans that not go to want to miss this work in any way.
Ok, following the concept at first glance, is deeply channeled every second in brilliant beautiful emotion good of ultra modern textures in the whole intuition, and I have been astonished that album!

Stylishly here there all a amazing lyrical coverage in various tones memorable and captives and it caught me instantly on this mix of melodic progressive death metal of very good taste widespread with melodic voices of death in many facets and further refined with the remarkable voices of progressive metal, and considering the attitude that gives the album such variations that is fantastic and incredibly elaborate profoundly accurate in modern feeling emotional and transforms it into a work-art-awesome that nothing will stop to be truly appreciated by so great lyric that delights full transparency absolutely brilliant clarity and consisting of a studio sound in full perfection and reflects here virtue of a prodigious singer of the big leagues.

No need to mention a specific song on the album because everything is an incorruptible continuous melodic expression full of emotion and linking riffs in each song perfectly in very nice textures developing elaborate whole situation within two genres perfectly.

It is a phenomenal work of emotion and more emotion with ultra modern sound certainly this album has everything eloquently for the cover of major magazines!

Reviewer: Metalhead

Mar 16, 2013

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Sense vs Sanity – Out Of The Void


1. A Spirit Dissolved
2. Out Of The Void
3. Disposable
4. Trust
5. Never Enough
6. Rekindled Fire
7. Taking The Reigns
8. The Path
9. Another Me
10. A Spirit Regenerated
11. Another Me (acoustic bonus)

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