Separatist - Closure

Tasmania's own Separatist started as a five piece band back in 2003 and in 2008 their full-length debut "The Motionless Apocalypse" was released via the small Malaysian label Reverb Productions. Different reasons led to the band's demise in the same year but in 2014 Separatist's vocalist Sam Dishington decided to start it all again but this time as a one-man band. He is doing everything - all vocals,guitars,bass and drum programming. Obviously he had a blast of inspiration because in 2014 alone he released two full-length albums,"Closure" being one of them.

In this record,mr.Dishington offers nine tracks of his own music which happens to be a mix between deathcore,technical death/grind,black metal and some atmospheric parts. The chugging guitar riffs start from the beginning of the opening track "Monuments" combined together with blasting drumming and deep grunts. Separatist's music includes also keyboards whose role is to add some groove to the overall aggressive sound. The end of the first track reminds me of the progressive elements in the last Enslaved albums but unfortunately Sam Dishington's attempts of clean singing fail miserably - his voice isn't strong enough and his singing is not impressive at all. Speaking of tech-death elements,those are present everywhere in "Closure",there are plenty of tempo changes and an abundance of twisted guitar riffing. The biggest problem with this record however is the lack of really stand out tracks. Since Separatist's music incorporates elements of so many extreme metal genres,the listener gets lost in the whirlwind of grinding blastbeats and heavy guitars. At places,"Closure" sounds like total chaos and it is quite difficult to understand what is goign on. This is the weakest point of the album together with the really not-so-good production work.

There's no doubt that Sam Dashington is a talented musician but the chaotic mix of technical death/grind,deathcore and atmospheric black metal is not something that really works.At least not on that album...

1. Monuments
2. Isolation
3. &
4. Deluge Arterial
5. Carrier
6. Immersion
7. Void 
8. Altars
9. Closure

Self released
Reviewer: Tsvetan
Apr 23, 2014
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