Septekh - Demo '09

All fans of Crust punk listen up!!! Septekh are here to rock the place down!!! This boys hail from Sweden which i know has a very healthy crust scene. I had never heard of these boys before and you could only but imagine my face when i heard the opener on this demo,"Mean Old Bastard". Classic stuff indeed. The lyrics alone cheered me up to no end as i write this review full of the goddamn flu. Just what the doctor ordered! Not only do these guys harness the punk elements but there is alot of metal elements and even hints of black metal. I even hear a slight bit of Carcass and At The Gates and of course Motorhead for that all over Rock and roll feel. All tracks here are like a kick in the teeth, delivered with an intensity that can only be compared to being hit in the face with a hammer. Now because its a demo it can be excused for a few things ie guitar tone (which is a bit thin) but i reckon get these guys in a good studio for a full length and your talking an album that will be spoke about for years. They remind me a little of DeathBreath...... but leagues better. I would hope to hear a full length from these guys. I can't recommend these guys enough............ hahahha the sonic equivilent to a pub brawl!!!!!

1. Mean Old Bastard
2. Septekh
3. Pterodactyl
4. Envy Of A Giant Cock
5. Hoards Of memnon
6. Galbatorix

Self released
Reviewer: Connor
Jul 12, 2010

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