Sepulchral - Back From The Dead

This is a French death metal retrospective featuring all their demo recordings to date. Sepulchral are a name known to those really into the early days, and whilst there are repeats of the same track, they are captured from different periods of the bands history. I would have though the newer re-recordings from 2016 (’Rehearsal Of The Living Dead II’) would have been great, but they are let down massively by the production. The vocals are hardly audible and the thin nature of the recording are a huge let down.

When you play though and get to the ‘91/’92 versions of ‘Putrefying Mass’ (the ’92 version is best imo!), that’s track 5 here, the misanthropy is cancelled out by rotten doom laden ambience. The true spirit of the sound and songs are regurgitated in their authentic form, I didn’t see the need to keep trying to re-record in all honesty. However, this does highlight that that period was a gem for cool death metal.

The songs are delivered in their original form, there’s no remastering or messing around with the sounds, it’s pure. This does highlight positives and negatives. Overall, the variance of sound quality is a let-down, but bar a few tracks, it’s a worthwhile effort to get a hold of as the original format material would be especially difficult to obtain nowadays.

  1. Putrefying Mass  
  2. Internal Decomposition  
  3. Disembowlement Of The Dead  
  4. Vampirus Spectrum 
  5. Putrefying Mass  
  6. Disembowlement Of The Dead  
  7. Personal Suffering 
  8. Rigor Mortis  
  9. Putrefying Mass  
  10. Internal Decomposition