Serrabulho - Porntugal

Serrabulho, to be honest, never heard from it, my bad. I know not the best start of a review, but it’s the truth. What I do know is that Serrabulho is a traditional stew from pork meat haha. I listened to this kind of music earlier, but for a short period of time. Never the less, this record caught my attention and made my ears eager for listening.

So let’s become acquainted with these Portuguese men. They published their third full length last year named "Porntugal". Awesomesauce! Infecting the world with their chansons since 2010 starting with their first full length called "Ass Trouble" (ca o-op of Rotten Roll Rex/Sevared and Vomit Your Shirt) in 2013, followed by "Star Whores" (by Rotten Roll Rex) 2015, hilarious name by the way. Also a split appeared with Shoryuken named "Grind is Love" (by Half Beast Records). Which is totally true, Grind is Love people, can’t say that enough! Performing this gore-porn-party-death-grind in already 14 countries, they're doing a great job in the scene. Also (if I’m not mistaken) they’re responsible for a great party on Portuguese soil named xxxapada na tromba - freak n' grind fest. One of their trademarks is party hard and that is what they give you on their third full length. A big party!

I like new tunes and creative combined genres. Starting the first song 'She Drinks Milk' is a great example on this statement. It brings you immediately in party mode. Epic start, disco house beat followed by some marching snare drum parts and then! Party grind on full force! Piggy screams together with high pitched vocals, funny bass line full of joy, catchy guitar sound, some nice blast parts….. this is a hit! Really like the intro’s on this CD, well-chosen and not disturbing, keeps you in the mood. 'Os Tintins Do Tintin' with guest vocals of a dogg? It also feels like they putted some folklore in it too, listening to 'Gelado De Caganetas' and 'Dingleberry Ice Cream'. 'Fecal Torpedo' and 'Pito Sem Penas' are very catchy and creative too. A lot of effort they made on all tracks and will surely enter my collection!

Negligent Collateral Collapse meets Carnal Diafragma meets Ahumado Granujo is where I think of listening to this record. Giving a sort of direction. It’s just a crazy album full of surprises and I have actually nothing negative to note about it. It brings a smile on the face and hunger to party…. what do you want more?

For me excellent job lads!


1. She Drinks Milk
2. Ela Fez-Me Um Grão De Bico
3. Fecal Torpedo
4. Pito Sem Penas
5. Os Tintins Do Tintin
6. Bbc Wild Life
7. Cagalhão Com Ovo A Cavalo
8. Gelado De Caganetas
9. Dingleberry Ice Cream
10. Tofu Au Cu
11. Tomate Pelado