Serrabulho - Star Whores

This is my first encounter with Serrabulho, a Portuguese band playing something that I can define as party gore/grind. With titles like 'Pornocchio', 'Buttman' or 'Star Whores', the bizarre sense of humor is mixed with extreme yet catchy tunes. Serrabulho (I have no freaking idea what this word means) have in their line-up some former members of the better known Holocausto Canibal so the guys who are holding the instruments aren't new to the scene.

In terms of music "Star Whores" offers thirteen tracks of brutal gore/grind mixed with what I suppose is Portuguese folk music on some of their songs like 'Pentilhoni Nu Culhoni' for example. "Star Whores" is Serrabulho's second album after the aptly titled debut "Ass Troubles". As the name suggests, the main musical theme of Star Wars is popping up here and there throughout the whole album - even the beginning is the Star Wars melody performed by bestial snoring. The production of "Star Whores" is on a very good level and so is the juvenile fun that is marking this record. After the final track which is dedicated to Snow White and her seven dwarves, there is a medley of Star Wars melodis, some beeping sounds from the R2-D2 robot (it sounds like it is performing a sexual act or maybe is just my sick imagination....), women singing, electronic gabba beats torturing the ears and the final comes with a series of thunderous farts.

Despite all this richness, the album is filled with heavy guitars and growling/screaming vocals, nothing new but the good news is that there is plenty of variety and groove on "Star Whores" - things that are not so often heard in the gore/grind scene. In case you are into bands like Rompeprop, Gut or Gutalax then Serrabulho are something to look for if you wanna know more about the 'Life Of A Penis' for example... And I stil wonder if 'Happy Fornication' is inspired by that abominable 'Happy' pop hit...

  1. Pornocchio
  2. Congro
  3. Buttman
  4. Pentilhoni Nu Culhoni
  5. Happy Fornication
  6. Peidinho Ron Ron
  7. Star Whores
  8. Testicular Torsion
  9. Vaseline
  10. Life Of A Penis
  11. Caguei Na Betoneira
  12. B.O.O.B.S. (Best Objects Of Baby Sucking)
  13. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (Gang Bang Edition)

Reviewer: Tsvetan
Oct 27, 2015
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