Serviço Funerário - Uma Noite Alucinante

Serviço Funerário come from Brazil. The band was formed in 2015. "Uma Noite Alucinante" is their first release in the form of a cassette EP limited to 150 copies and is accompanied with an A4 poster. The material was recorded in 2019.

The laughs of the intro sometimes sound weird, others sound satanic and others in pain or as if coming straight out of the asylum. A scream kicks off the first of the 5 EP songs. What we have here is old school thrash/speed metal played the southamerican way. This means a relentlessly raw mix of old school thrash metal with old school heavy metal riffs and black metal vibes in the vein of Venom, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Sextrash and Dorsal Atlantica. The portuguese language sounds just perfect for this genre, at least for me, it has always sounded like this. 'Uma Noite Alucinante' has some very catchy old school riffs. The stressful and agonizing vocals are performed with the necessary passion and when they change to high screams, these are of pure pain in the name of old Slayer, Judas Priest and Accept. The lead guitar has a very personal sound and fits in with the songwriting! The black/thrash darkness of the riffs is really memorable.

'Ritual Funerário' begins with a fast, black/thrash necromantical riff. Obscure and dark, it owes a lot to the legacy of Possessed, Hellhammer and Sarcofago. The vocal lines are chaotic, but still comprehensible. The additional high pitched screams come straight out of the pure old days. The break has a heavy mid tempo riff reminding me of Mercyful Fate. The lead is so 80's that you have to dive into its passionate performance and enjoy it.

'Soldados Do Inferno' opening theme with the bass is abruptly interrupted by an ultra fast thrash riff that while getting faster it encaptures all the old school thrash mania of what we once called speed metal back in the days. With some killer vocals and riffs coming straight from the Brazilian hell and with super nice hooks on the bass, the Serviço Funerário storm slays from thrash till death.

'Apocalipse Final' starts with an evil mid tempo riff. Riffs like these may sound simple today, but they are absolutely effective! I can imagine this song live with a huge mosh pit created in front of the stage! The metal chaos of the perfect headbanger 80's metal riff is sure to spread the plague among the crowd. The bass is doing again a great job in balancing the guitar and drums and is the main riff to headbang to, a very clever way to use the bass and something that many old school bands have done before. There is a fantastic vibe in the song. The bass sounds close to the old Greek metal scene aesthetics, which is something I know the Brazilian brothers will take as a compliment. Many Greek bands have been also influenced by the Cogumelo legacy and the great Brazilian scene! The lead guitar is magnificent and sounds as if coming from an old Slayer rehearsal demo tape outtake!

'Serviço Funerário' marching riff and drums make the song utterly evil from the very beginning. The guitar riffs are punishing. In fact the riffs have a great taste in the whole EP. The vocals are chaotic as if coming from the depths of a well and the high pitched screams are neckbreaking underlining the bands heavy metal and early thrash metal roots. The mid tempo theme is groundshakingly good and the band seems to have found their expressive means and know what they want to do. Most importantly the groove is always on!

I believe Serviço Funerário with their debut EP give a kick in the ass to the unbelievers of old school speed/thrash. Their thrash metal aspect and performance has nothing in common with modern trendy thrash metal. This tape was recorded in tribute to the old school speed/thrash metal bands and not just for being cult.

The cassette EP is beautiful and nicely packed with an A4 poster! I dig the old school drawing cover artwork because it reminds me of the old school underground and stays far away from modern computer cover artwork trends. I believe this EP deserves a vinyl release and I am looking forward for the next step of these dedicated worshippers of the old school thrash/speed metal!

5 / 5 STARS 


1. Intro
2. Uma Noite Alucinante
3. Ritual Funerário
4. Soldados Do Inferno
5. Apocalipse Final
6. Serviço Funerário