Severenth - Reveal

Severenth are certainly a force to be reckoned with and a great live experience to boot! I should know after seeing them live at Deathwave, they really pulverised the Lomax stage with their vibrant style of metal and not a still head in the house!

It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce to you Severenth with the latest offering Reveal.

The Question
Starts off in true Severenth style with a superb scream and a fast array of guitar and kick drumming which will blow you away. The breakdown is immense with crisp guitar and a more mellow vocal following until the build-up reaches it goal and then more scathing vocal enters it’s a real mix of brutal and beautiful. Severenth is in my eyes a very professional outfit, and have produced some amazingly powerful tracks that are just mind-blowingly brilliant, under the ever watchful guise of Mike Green the band’s Manager.

Cover Your Mouth
A bit more mellow than the previous track but still kicks ass! The harmonies are just superb and that squeak from the guitar really gets you in the mood for a great mosh out even if it is only just in your bedroom!

Taken The Fall
Great drumming opens on this track and a mighty scream takes over with energetic guitar riffs – this band just makes me want to pick up a guitar and join in – sadly I only have my air guitar so that will have to do, and my hair brush will have to double up as a mic but they really sweep you into their rhythms with so much aggression and ferocity. This track is rhythmic and powerful with heaps of energy – so hooked on this band!

They Drown In Air
I can’t help but think that they should re-name this title to “They drown in H(air)!! But I would! :D This is a delicious offering with chugging guitars and screaming vocals animalistic drumming, solid bass and holds some well-balanced harmonies – its endless journey builds to a mighty crescendo and creates a most powerful mix.

Not Worthy
Beautiful melodic guitars and sensational drumming with the most amazing screams known to man this is wild and brutal in every sense of the word! Rhythmic qualities in abundance here and a superb track to mosh out to! The guitars actually excel on this track with great finish!

Two Mirrors
My favourite track so turning the volume up as far as the ailing speaker dial will go and going to enjoy this track whilst the room shakes around me – sod the neighbours!! Time to get aggressive and make your ears bleed – Damn you head stop shaking! – Dave’s drumming is just awesome loving those feet of yours for giving us this superb rhythm and the harmonies between Peet and Ben well fook! What can I say other than sheer perfection! I have already listened to this track well over 100 times now and each time I listen it is like I am hearing it for the first time. I hope I manage to get through this track without repeating it but very difficult as it is just outstanding!

Born To Suffer
Some-time later... This track has some deftly played strings that have far reaching memorability and is another beauty!  The powerful rhythmic tendencies just crush you with extreme aggression and again vocally superb with all-round well balanced rhythms and beats that will eat you alive. It surges ahead at a breakneck speed, with riffs flying around like bullets from a ready pistol!

What You Want Trom Me
This track is a right royal stomper, and will have you moving round the room at a rate of knots mind-milling or head banging take your pick – gives me goose-bumps as the guitars work their magic and the scornful vocals edge their way to the audial cavities. I will have a fookin’ heart attack any minute!! How I love the aggressive and raw complexities of this album – can they play any faster????  Oh blimey call me an ambulance!

All That’s Left
Strikingly superb strings open this track and an array of mesmerising drum beats start off with a more moderate pace before cranking up, so fast my feet won’t keep up in fact – clean vocals on this track are superb and again with death defying harmonies it livens up pretty quickly! It is a very interesting track that offers a nice diverse approach, fast, raucous and slow and deliberate it holds everything! Down-right superb all round!

All I Ever
All together “screammmmmmmmmm” again a well-balanced harmonious rhythmic track that incorporates thunderous drum beats and crisp cranked up guitar, solid bass and vocally has a lot of range and expression.

The Answer
A stupendous musical cacophony of rhythms with soft vocals at the beginning but not long before Ben adds his growls and is another very interesting and original piece of solid music offering a distinct sound as brutal as ever and reaches sacrilegious depths with remarkable playing and vocal abilities by every member of the band.

Faultless, the compelling deluge of adrenalized and skilfully constructed, stirring rhythmic metal Severenth have certainly shown expertise and have an impressive technique in bringing to mind the simple joys of sheer unadulterated heavy metal. Long may they continue to practise their superb music for a long time to come!

If you don’t own Reveal yet then I urge you to go and buy it and add it to your ever growing CD collection because once you hear it – like me you will become a Severenth addict and the only way to deal with the addiction is to play it constantly with the volume turned up to skull splitting levels and mosh the feck out! There are no duff tracks anywhere on this album – what you get are 11 tracks of brutal with plenty of melody, groove and very addictive – in your face, up your ass, METAL!

1. The Question
2. Cover Your Mouth
3. Taken The Fall
4. They Drown In Air
5. Not Worthy
6. Two Mirrors
7. Born To Suffer
8. What You Want From Me
9. All That’s Left
10. All I Ever
11. The Answer
Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Mar 6, 2013

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