Sewn Mouth - The Narcissist

Sewn Mouth is a bunch of young people based in Thessaloniki, Greece, who formed the band to play deathcore/ modern/ groove metal. Their releases so far have been "Promo CD" (2014), "Lighthouse" (2015) and "The Narcissist" (2019) which is their latest album that we had the pleasure to listen and review.

In a bit more than 30 minutes, Sewn Mouth unleash their violent, punishing, but at the same time emotional deathcore attack. Their musical expression has been influenced from significant bands of the modern sound like August Burns Red, Threat Signal, As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Unearth, and The Devil Wears Prada, for whom they had the chance to open in their 2017 Greek show!

Sewn Mouth's songwriting is based on a combination of heavy, pounding and melodic riffs which are accompanied with technical leads and meaningful phrases. The style of their riffing is definitely core, although in the blast-beats it tends to become death metal or grind. The beatdowns give great grooves. The rhythm section has studied carefully its role in the band and has the technical skills to carry this role out. The vocals are mostly sharp-edged and angry, they always transmit the right emotion to the listener, they have a nice accent and they speak out each word in full meaning.

The songwriting of Sewn Mouth is very well worked out and they manage to make it comprehensible and memorable. The band is in a great shape and they are very good players in their instruments. There are certain melancholic parts in the songs of "The Narcissist" which overlay the anger and the bitterness. The unexpected tempo changes make the songwriting more interesting. The production is carefully highlighting the dynamics of the band without being overpolished.

"The Narcissist" has 9 songs. After an intro called 'Elegy' with touberleki (oriental eastern percussion), 'Through Conflict' reveals from the very beginning the brutal side of the band. The song is highlighted by the melancholic guitar themes and the groovy core riffs. 'In Lethargy' comes with a Swedish death metal riff and brings on an amazing energy. '80 Years Of Solitude' has some excellent melodic guitar breaks and a remarkable song structure. In 'Coffee Drop' grind riffs are mixed with groovy hooks and melodic passages. 'Stranded In Celestial Realms' is one my standout tracks of the album. Fast headbanger riffs, brutal vocals, the right tempo changes and dark emotions with a fantastic job done on the synths. 'Plekto' has a progressive structure. The band's great sense of melody is always present. 'The Narcissist' is ambitious and deeply emotional. In "Remnants" the distorted vocals turning brutal definitely make it another standout moment of the album.

In their debut album Sewn Mouth did very well. "The Narcissist" is a very enjoyable album. You will discover here a good band who shows that they are capable of doing even greater things with their next work. Deathcore and metalcore fans this one's for you! Check it out and support the band! The album is released in a beautiful digipak CD from Alcyone Records.

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Elegy
2. Through Conflict
3. In Lethargy
4. 80 Years of Solitude
5. Coffee Drop
6. Stranded in Celestial Realms
7. Plekto
8. The Narcissist
9. Remnants