Sex Dumpster – Necropants

Sex Dumpster is back with their newest EP “Necropants” and it pulls no punches. Sex Dumpster is a two-man show comprised of Hiram Lohr (guitars, vocals, synth, bass) and Gregor “Morgoth” Plamberger (drums). Originally based in Alaska, Hiram Lohr moved to Mexico where he founded Sex Dumpster.

This album is an upbeat mixture of black metal and Henry Rollins-esque punk. It was mixed and mastered by Dark Productions Studios in Sweden and runs on the short side – roughly a half hour for a full listen. That said, this album doesn’t cut any corners – it is a solid piece of debauched, degenerate anger with a fresh new perspective.

The first song 'Haunting Sight In The Cold Abyss' greets us with an immediate show that this album is a fusion – it is both punk and black metal and it doesn’t give a damn what you think about that. It has a moderate, gloomy black metal intro followed by punkish vocals and then a gradual descent into pure black metal. The second song, my personal favorite, 'Malice', is definitely the most punk song on the album. It keeps a very dark, black metal mood, but the vocals are solidly punk, albeit with that signature black metal despair.

Two other songs of note: the album’s namesake, 'Necropants' is an instant classic for me. It perfectly mixes the downtrodden, hateful spirit of black metal with the rebellious angst of punk. This song takes two genres of “fuck the system” and adds them together in a huge middle finger to common values. Lastly, 'Tombstone Of A Dying Planet' is the final song on the album and it is considerably more black metal. It showcases Morgoth and Lohr’s abilities to craft a song with catchy, innovative (yet still black metal) riffs, and focuses more traditional black metal vocals – roughly similar to Burzum on “Dunkelheit.”

I adore the fusion of punk and black metal and I respect anybody with the balls to mix it up, but while good at both it isn’t great at either. If there was a but more emphasis on one style over the other, I think it would’ve come out sounding a bit more polished, but apart from that I have no critiques. Definitely a good album to devote a half-hour of full attention to.


1. Haunting Sight In The Cold Abyss
2. Malice
3. Necropants
4. Plastic Bomb (cover Poison Idea)
5. Possessed By The Sex Demon
6. Tombstone Of A Dying Planet

Self released
Reviewer: Matthew Bolen
Mar 22, 2019
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