Shadows Fall - The War Within

Latest album from this thrash band that also implants modern metal influences. Being around for almost 8 years these perfectly understand the importance of writing song that are not only aggressive but also melodic. Up tempo tunes that also includes mosh stamp parts and pure headbang structures. 2 Styles of vocals (clean and raw) who are also playing the crafted guitars and freaky drumming. An album that really stands as a solid rock and just being sheer terror.

1. The Light That Blinds
2. Enlightened By the Cold
3. Act of Contrition
4. What Drives the Weak
5. Stillness
6. Inspiration on Demand
7. The Power of I and I
8. Ghosts of Past Failure
9. Eternity Within
10. Those Who Can Not Speak

Century Media Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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