Shadowspawn - The Biology Of Disbelief

Shadowspawn comes from Denmark and "The Biology Of Disbelief" is their second full-length album after the debut "Hope Lies Dormant" from 2017. The band offers ten tracks of pure old school death metal and the vocalist Bue Jensen is their biggest plus because you can actually hear the words that come out from his throat! Yes, his decipherable singing reminds me of the legend Kam Lee (Massacre and lots of other bands) and this is always good in my book.

Shadowspawn possess this old school Massacre feeling which is evident from the opening track 'Under The Blood Red Moon' which is also my favourite one from the whole album because it is the fastest and most energetic one. Unfortunately, after that the tempo slows significantly and the tracks start all to sound one and the same. You can clearly hear the influence of Massacre, Benediction and even Amon Amarth. But Shadowspawn somehow doesn't manage to create memorable and skull-crushing songs after the opening track. Put to that some lame attempts for clear singing here and there and the good impression from the first song is spoiled.

"The Biology Of Disbelief" is certainly not a bad album and the guys in Shadowspawn know how to play their instruments but what lacks in this album are the memorable songs that can stay in your head. Anyway you can still enjoy this album and support a promising band.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Under The Blood Red Moon
2. Obliteration Exceptional
3. Daughters Of Lot
4. In The Light Of Darkness
5. Return To Ashes
6. Rite Of Passage
7. The Biology Of Disbelief
8. Decreating The Prestine
9. Dark Dawn Take Me
10. Bite The Pain