Shannah - Endless

Originally a 6 track EP from 1991, Shannah were from Belgium and hosted the female vocals of Conny Visschers. At a period when this sort of often melodic metal (with flashes of speed and straight heavy metal) was fading in popularity, you may forgive me from not knowing anything about this band prior to receiving this album.

There’s some weird timing on 'Once Shannah', but once you get into the feel of the rhythm and drums then you get to grips with one of the most notable tracks on this release. Couple that with 'When The Curtain Falls' you get a fast approach and a fist pump feeling. The remainder of the album is a touch more mid paced. Thus highlighting the change of fortune for music like this at the time of the original recording session. Rather than experimenting, Shannah simply went a touch lighter.

"Endless" is certainly one of those releases you will enjoy if you hunt down many rare and often lost bands from days gone by, although I wouldn’t say this would have been more notable had the band had say airplay ad the scene changed then. That said, enjoyable, musically precise and raw enough in places to feel much older than this recording actually is.

  1. Visions Of Tomorrow
  2. The Cycle Ends
  3. Once Shannah
  4. Always
  5. Out Of This Room
  6. When The Curtain Falls
  7. Saturday Night
  8. See The Light
  9. Bad Reputation