Shatter Messiah - Never To Play The Servant

Guitarist Curran Murphy is a former member of Nevermore who now has his own project Shatter Messiah in which his guitar virtuosity is given the opportunity to really shine. "Never To Play The Servant" by Shatter Messiah is a well-produced hardcore death metal album with melodic flare and plenty of technical briliance to boot. Shatter Messiah vocalist Greg Wagner has a style reminiscent of both Devin Townwsend of Strapping Young Lad and David Draiman of Disturbed and the lyrical themes deal with sacrifice and salvation, the cruelty and irony and of existence. Shatter Messiah is solid at all positions. The band is rounded out by Dusty Holt on guitar, Robert Falzano on drums and Ron Boisvert on bass. The songwriting is good and there is a nice balance of rhythmic variance and tempo throughout the album. All in all, "Never To Play The Servant" is a highly enjoyable listening experience.

1. Never To Play The Servant
2. Crucify Freedom
3. Frailty
4. Hatred Divine
5. Fear To Succeed
6. All Sainted Sinners
7. Inflicted
8. Drinking Joy
9. Bad Blood
10. Blasphemy Feeder
11. Deny God
12. Disillusion
13. Bleed To Shadows
14. New Kleen Killing Machine

Dockyard 1
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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