Shattered Realm - From the Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing

After 2 years Shattered Realm is back on the track with a new album. A mixture of metal and hardcore. Metal can be heard in the guitarriffs and hardcore you can hear in the vocalstyle. Blending together in stamping rhythms with a raw sound. Thrashy songs with typical breakdowns that resulting in moshparts. Songs that vary from 0.55 seconds to 2.58 minutes. Shattered Realm is seeking for fans in the metal camp and hardcore camp and might be true to the one and shit to the other. Fact is that the album can be listened without problem but it ain't worldshocking.

1. Our Time
2. Devil In Disguise
3. Endless
4. Final Day
5. New Disgrace
6. Fallen
7. Eat Shit
8. No One Else
9. All That Matters
10. GBNF
11. Her Justice

Alveran Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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