Shatterpoint - Dead Precedence

Shatterpoint releases their debut full length (in 2004 they released the EP "Consequences") on the New York based label Power Play. The band is hailing from Canada and plays modern thrash metal with metalcore parts. On this album you get 11 tracks and 4 bonus tracks from the EP. Up tempo thrash with some faster parts with nice riffs and with various melodies. Think of Pantera, Annihilator or even Testament and you get the impression. The main vocals are raw and dirty but also growling while they use a clean singing back up like Fear Factory. I think the clean parts are a bit too much as they get annoying at the end. Also would loved to hear more guitar leads in the songs like in "Hate Trip", beside the catchy riffs they are doing. But afterall this debut is a nice one. Rich and variable songs with catchy and thrashy tunes. If they develop themselves and keep on going their next ones should become something reeeeally smashing!

1. Enemy At The Gate
2. Today's Promises Are Tomorrow's Lies
3. Thorn Inside
4. Out Falls The Pain
5. Torn Apart
6. No One Else To Blame
7. Gone
8. Murder For Hire
9. Hate Trip
10. Dead Precedence
11. Waste
12. Pleasure The Pain (Bonus)
13. Ended By Silence (Bonus)
14. When I Die (Bonus)
15. Crashing Down (Bonus)

Power Play Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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