Shemhamphorash - Dementia

Shemhamphorash (what a fucking name to write, haha) is hailing in Spain and plays black metal. On this 2nd album you get 7 tracks in a diverse style. Fast parts are interacting with slower pieces. Musical structure is complex and you might loose the connection to the relevant song. Vocals are done in the typical black metal screams. Songs are not too long of duration. Shemhamphorash (I copied the name, lol) is not making standard black metal but also nothing new.

1. Crossing My Hell
2. The Call
3. Bloody Falls
4. Immortal Realm
5. Matrunka
6. Mysthical Ceremony
7. Shemhaphorash

Blackened Moon
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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