Shiftlight - Distance

Shiftlight's debut album 'Distance' carries a very similar sound to groups like Daylight Dies. While the band doesn't use as many clean vocals, the atmosphere and pace of the Melodic Doom is almost in-comparable. Tracks like "Blinded" and "Black River" just carry on in a somewhat droning fashion but crush with melody and sorrow that is more than just distant, distorted noise with growls on top. The music never really leaves its pace though- there are no real moments of speeding up or slowing down. It is just one big long trudge that listeners can enjoy. Other tracks like "Wound" seem to have a more distorted 'raw' touch to them with the way the bass sounds amongst the vocals- very grating and an excellent match. Here listeners can really get the despair out of the music. It even sounds progressive and breaks the montony of the slower melancholic tracks with its thundering mid sections.

The more melodic tracks help add atmosphere that is enjoyable in place of the clean vocals. Tracks like "End" adds in more melody from the guitars but the way they are layered it can feel more like keyboards with the less cohesion of the music all together; it stands out more. Other tracks like "Mountain Under The Sea" have more of a Folk Metal atmosphere to them with how slow and drawn out the track is. The vocals are less prevalent here with the focus being on the music, but it sounds unique compared to the other tracks in the way the song just builds and builds until it explodes in the end. Overall, despite seeming brief with only seven tracks, the album is a nice debut to start for Shiftlight. As long as they keep experimenting here and there to break monotony like they did on the last track, they'll grow into a very find Melodic Doom band indeed.


  1. Blinded
  2. End
  3. Endeavour
  4. Black River
  5. Subways
  6. Wound
  7. Mountain Under The Sea