Shrapnel - Palace For The Insane

Some sick thrash work that clocks in a little under an hour in length. And well worth it! This band definitely shows their influences to some old school acts such as Destruction (Germany), Exodus (Bay Area) and some heavy metal such as the old school Helloween. I enjoyed this one from start to finish! It was a well worth shout out from the band to write this so I thought I'd do some justice here and keep the thrash faith alive! Shrapnel has a long life left in them and the riffs are fresh on "Palace For The Insane", that is, catchy too! Within the UK acts, not a whole heck of a lot of bands within this genre that I know coming from there.

Some cool videos via YouTube definitely worth checking out! I'd say that the riffs and the tone of the guitars distortion really hit home with me! There were certain clean guitar in here, but no acoustic licks. I wouldn't say that they backed off from the guitar electrical riffing with some nice crunch. Really cool songs and aura to this band. They really do diversify. They also have a unique style to their music, it's not just thrash metal, it's thrash metal with a kick! The fact that they took a lot of time to make the songs pretty lengthy shows you they're serious about their music and it's impact on the metal community.

The production quality was good. And the vocals were pretty sweet too. Kind of hoarse, but not an overabundance of that tone. The future in thrash metal is here and bands like Shrapnel are setting the way to newer bands as an example Warbringer. Both show their influences and I'm glad that I've been quite aware of both of their influences. The 80's had a lot of classic bands/albums released then which definitely paved the way for their ongoing careers that is, if they're still in existence. Shrapnel has their own kind of sound. At least it seemed that way upon the first track of this album.

I didn't dislike any of the songs on here. I think they show maturity hence the higher score for this one. They definitely are worth sitting through the whole album. I liked the guitar and the groove they showed on here. The influences will always remain until a band comes into their own completely. And the maturity this album had shows that they really do take what they do to heart and play with their heart clearly! I'm definitely a fan and it's worth (to me) buying the CD because I deem the quality better and showing support to the band as I always stress in my writings.

4.5 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Might Of Cygnus
2. Salt The Earth
3. Vultures Circle
4. Cannibal
5. Begin Again
6. Bury Me Alive
7. Turn Off The Lights
8. Infernal Choir
9. The Mace
10. Violent Now, Forever
11. Future Sight
12. Palace For The Insane