Shuulak – Albedo

A band who refuses to follow trends and has songs about humans obsession with things who would only destroy him like alchemy and the occult, you would think that it’s a black metal band but it’s no other band than the Dutch band Shuulak. With solid lyrics and powerful music Shuulak feels like a combination of heavy metal and horror metal.

Shuulak was formed in 2014 by people who already knew each other from previous musical projects, a friendship followed and the band members (Bastiën, Eve, Angelo, Loet and Ricardo) made their first EP named “Nigredo” in 2017. With their profound interrest in alchemy, the occult and with the feeling that nothing is sacred the band pushed evermore improving their skills. The second EP “Albedo” was finished in 2018. With only 3 tracks it’s a short but solid album. “Albedo” is a mixture of clear vocal, heavy guitar riffs and tight drum and bass co-operation.

The first song ‘Hunter’s Moon’ begins with a heavy guitar riff followed by the rest of the band, the drum track is very solid in this song because of the timing and sometimes the off timing you could really say that the drums have a character of his one and they are adapting very fast with the different riffs in this song. The clear vocals are also a mayor asset to this song (and suprise even to the whole album). To finish it all the heavy riffs are a completely in place on this song, it just feels like this song is almost a perfect mixture of elements combined.

‘The Meek’ is the second song on the album and again it begins with guitars followed by the rest of the band. Yet again the guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals are in perfect harmony with slower and faster parts in this song. Halfway in the song something strange happens instead of clear vocals Bastiën vocals are getting darker this combined with the other musical elements ads a whole new dark dimension to this song.

‘Albedo’ is a very short song, it’s a combination of piano and clean vocals, the piano withs certain keys that create a dark undertone. There is not really much to say about this song because it is not long or very complicated, but it works and that is what’s important.

I’ve listened to the first album from Shuulak because I wanted to compere “Albedo” and “Nigredo” and hear more from this band. Shuulak clearly made progress and I think it’s a shame that they didn’t put more songs on “Albedo”. I really liked the album because all the musical elements are very good. What I also liked is that the whole EP has a dark atmosphere and heavy guitar riffs. Bastiëns vocals are amazing because they are very clear and powerful. I would recommend this band to you if you like your heavy metal elements lined up.

Self released
Reviewer: Daan Winkelhorst

Feb 18, 2019

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Shuulak – Albedo

review Shuulak - Albedo

1. Hunter's Moon
2. The Meek
3. Albedo


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