SHW - Psychotheque

SHW started in 1995 with playing covers on stage but they changed to write their own tunes. And now, in 2006, they release their debut "Psychotheque". As I am not familiair with this kind of music I have to say something about this. The songs are driven on a easy and calm guitarrff and with clean vocals. Tempo is more tempo paced ballads and sounding a bit psychic rock. An album that sounds all the same to me but I am open for listening to new bands. An album that is more for quiet moments in a stressfull day.

1. Broken
2. Epochal Babel
3. Hullabaloose
4. Psychotheque
5. Sleepwalkers
6. Clashemotions
7. ADS (Aston Da Sliva)
8. Beyond
9. Missing
10. Mind Chambers
11. Broken (Part 2)

Alkemist Fanatix
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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