Sick Room 7 - Bottomfeeder Central

Sick Room 7 is a 2 man band from Denmark and Bottomfeeder Central is their second full length album released via the Russian label Assault Rex.

The album contains 11 diverse tracks and in a nutshell, the genre they play is rather unusual. Filled with experimentation, their musical genre consists in a mix of old fashioned Doom filled with instrumental passages and blended with Industrialized sounds, Ambience, Trip-Hop and Bluesy Rock patters.

The music is somehow very relaxing giving their lengthy instrumental passages accompanied by whispers. On the other hand, primitive guitars together and dirty growling compensate those relaxant parts, thus providing a creepy odd atmosphere for the listener. This album is filled with interesting parts and performances. One of them is about the use of (kinda) analog synthetic sounds either accompanying the rock sounding guitars and on occasions used as intervals to enhance the instrumental parts.

Each song is quite diverse and one song is not enough to judge the whole album. Few tracks have a high consistence of instrumental passages while few others are more into a mix of Doom, Rock and Blues. Tempo variety is also present between each track from slow to mid-paced and at times to groovy patterns. The whole atmosphere emitted from this release is dark, haunting and even nostalgic.

Some listeners may find this release not remarkable while others might find it as an interesting piece worth of collection. Credit must be given to this duo for coming out with an unusual album, and one listen may not be enough. The production of this album is semi-polished, however it sounds that it was produced in a good studio. I can also state that this semi-pro sound plays a major role in their music, so note that what you may listen is meant to be like that!

Bottomfeeder Central is a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ album and those into psychedelic sounds may appreciate this very output!

1. Annie The Unfortunate   
2. Four Walls And Heavy Air   
3. Bottomfeeder Central   
4. Your World Imploding   
5. Heartless Rule   
6. Arms Strapped To Wheels   
7. From His Shackles   
8. Tired Stabs   
9. They Are Swine   
10. 7 Knots On The String Of Life   
11. All And Nothing Days

Assault Rex / The Howl
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010
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