Sickening Horror - The Dead End Experiment

Attention all fans of technical death metal! Listen up! For this CD needs to be heard! Let it be known that I am not the biggest fan of tech death metal but by jove this is an absolute cruncher!

Now I had only heard of these guys via their connection legendary Nile sticksman, George Kollias, who is a fellow Greek and also their ex-drummer. This is the 2nd offering and with this in mind that gives you a slight inkling of what you are in for with this album!

Upon first listen, I wasn't too struck on the production but it all fell into place when I listened further. There is a clarity in this album which needs to be there for there is alot of intricate riffing both in the bass and the guitars. When I heard this the production made total sense! It's hard to actually categorize these guys but their music is dark, evil and very heavy. I hear slight hints of Immolation in the twisty contorted riffs but as well as that I hear influences drawing from every thing from atmospherics to even monk like chanting. One thing about this album is that it's real goddamn fast but it's finely balanced with slower groovier parts.

Check out the track "Lay Rotten, Never Forgotten" for a display of the ferocity of this band. I also hear influences from Suffocation and Origin for the speed and technicality but as I say these guys utilize groove to suck you in and then smash your face in with sheer heaviness (see "Mirrors Only Reflect Dead Bodies").

This is an album that is full of interesting hooks and patterns that it keeps the listener interested. There is absolutely no filler tracks on this CD as each track is a journey through bludgeoning hell! This CD is an absolute must have!

1. Dusk
2. The Universe Within
3. 24 Januaries
4. The Dead End Experiment
5. Mirrors Reflect Only Dead Bodies
6. Noise Dreaming
7. Lay Rotten, Never Forgotten
8. Children Of The Swamp
9. Murdered Silence
10. Dressed In Madness

SFC Records
Reviewer: Connor
Mar 22, 2010

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