Siege To Power - Siege To Power

Hailing from the Rome area, Italy, Siege To Power is a bunch of musicians that committed themselves to the original and traditional Hardcore style in the vein of the mid 90's NYC stuff. Obviously this self-titled promo recording is the bands very first release, but you can hear the enthusiastic and spirited dedication in every single note. Ok, the recording quality is a bit too quiet and just reaches the average standard, but I'm sure these Italian guys made their homework and internalised the spirit of such acts as Sick Of It All, Madball, Warzone or Agnostic Front during their “One Voice” era. Apparently the lyrics deal with personal struggles and other typical Hardcore related topics, which fits the music pretty good and contributes its part to this very short release. 5 tracks in almost 10 minutes - so don't expect any epic or uttermost intricate song structures. This is basically stop n' go Hardcore with lots of sing along parts and nothing else! The Madball cover of “Pride” is a nice addition to close this release with style and it also reveals one of Siege To Powers main influences. I'm sure this South-European act has the potential to leave its calling card in sweaty club shows, but their next release should have a better or louder sound quality to enhace the tracks and the bands ideas. Nonetheless, all songs on this promotional recording are well executed and they're also bursting of credibility and firm conviction. Check it out if you're into Hardcore or just interested in new underground bands.




  1. Intro

  2. Their Strength

  3. Fight With No Fear

  4. You Are... Nobody

  5. Pride (cover Madball)

Self released
Reviewer: Alex
Dec 10, 2009

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