Sieta - Novgorod

Well what do we have here? Straight from the Slavic countries a folk metal album by the Russian band Sieta called "Novgorod", this LP will be available in June.
I am always so surprised when I listen to folk tinged with black metal, it has so much strength that emanates from this musical style that one always finds happiness there at one time or another. I still admit my preference for black because Folk remains Folk, often repetitive from one country to another especially if the ethnic origins are not very distant.

In fact after having discussed with several artists in this period of COVID where nothing is happening on the stages in Live, many projects are hatching and this one Sieta is no exception to the rule. I believe that we will never have seen so many projects born! Will they have a continuation once normal life returns? Nothing is certain. However, I will classify this one in the category of good and beautiful discoveries. To cook well you need the right ingredients but also a good cook who knows how to prepare food. Here it is done and carried out. Through a story around the concept of eternal duality of good against evil, here it takes place more specifically through a historical framework: the resistance to Christianization of the Russian people through stories about emblematic cities such as Novgorod.

Let us go back to the source of this concept: a man, the leader of the band Skyglow, Alexander Mokin from Moscow. A jack of all trades, unable to stay in place musically and for our pleasure. An irresistible desire to explore the folk universe that sticks so well to the Russian character that the harshness of climatic and the living conditions have shaped over the centuries.

Nothing to say as often in this style, the production is neat, little or no weakness between the various instruments whether traditional or modern, the sound is very good, no need to listen to the disc with filters as sometimes can be found on some poor quality productions. The mixture of hoarse and throaty voices with clear ones harmonize very well.

Although this album is not part of my folk death metal productions' top ten, nevertheless it is an interesting LP, because we are far from the traditional folklore of this kind of band, always the same melodies, the same "cooking".
Let us not sulk, I enjoyed the combination of death, folk and very present black metal influence. This raises the level of musical interest and attractiveness of this album. So it is however still certain and that will be for me the only weakness of the whole is that it is likely that this album is in the eyes of its designer only a try and that he maybe did not reveal all its full potential. Let us just hope it will not be a simple one shot.

However, it would be a shame not to reserve a favorable reception for Sieta and its album "Novgorod", it will delight all fans of the style. For me a few pieces stand out from the set because they combine several well-defined styles. For instance 'Knyaz' which is representative of black inspiration as well as the song 'Battle' which is an excellent summary of the band's potential.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Пропѫтиѥ (Introduction)
2. Новъгородъ (Novgorod)
3. Кънѧꙁь​ (Knyaz)
4. Нашь дѹхъ (Our Spirit)
5. Тьма (Darkness)
6. Сънъ (Dream)
7. Състѫпъ (Battle)
8. Отъпѹстъ (Absolution)