Silovanje - Taste Of Death

"Silovanje" is a yugo word for rape and that's pretty much what the listener is in for. "A Taste of Death" is just a friken berserker that will shred through your soul like an Ginsu 2, infect you with tetanus like a rusty nail, and before you even realize it's through with you, you've got lockjaw. Your jaw is glued to the floor. You won't be able to remove your jaw from the fucking floor. All you can do is sit there with that stunned look on your face. And isn't that what extreme metal is all about?

20 minutes and it's all over, most songs less than two minutes long. I Can't believe they get such incredible sound from a Zoom drum machine, but that's exactly what they are using. And while the fact they are using a drum machine would tend to put them in the category of "sounds better on headphones," the songs on "Taste Of Death" hold their own on any set of speakers.

Perverted cybergore-grind with a definite influence from their countrymen Fuck ... I'm Dead and also German porngrind band Gut, as well as older Cannibal Corpse, ala "Vile," Silovanje manage to assault the listener with a brand of carnality all their very own.

Standout tracks are "Recognized," "I Raped A Rapist" and "I the Baby of Hate." These tunes in particular have got killer guitar riffs, catchy guttural growls that grind and groove, and double-bass drums blasting away with machine-like precision (which of course they should, since they are created by a fukken machine!!). Good scream samples, human voice samples, howling dingos, etc. abound through "Taste of Death," and a couple of the tracks, "Bitch," and the last track "Silovanje" include some interesting industrio-rhythmic breaks which work very well.

1. Intro
2. Taste Of Death
3. Midnight
4. Recognized
5. I Raped a Rapist
6. Gummies
7. There's a Time to Rape and There's a Time to Kill
8. I the Baby of Hate
9. Fucked in the Forbidden Forest
10. Bitch
11. Jane Doe
12. Silovanje

Grindhead Records
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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