Sincera - Cursed And Proud

This quartet originated in 2002, but has had several side projects. The lineup consists of Thomas Andresen on vocals/bass, Thomas Aamodt on guitars/keyboards, Bjørn 'Tiger' Mathisen on guitars, and Lars Erik Duserud behind the set on drums. The band is a mixture under the genres of black/death/thrash metal. Oh my God, how horrible this release is! I've heard some bad bands for sure, but Sincera doesn't show any quality songwriting whatsoever.

The music is a feature of melodies and chords on the guitars, but there's nothing really interesting with them or innovative. Total dislike. The tremolo picking was evident also on this release and the studio version songs just suck almost as much as the live tracks. What's really annoying are the vocals. Thomas just doesn't spew out quality in this department. It's mostly high end screams that accompany the music. The riffs here are just so horribly constructed.

I haven't heard this bad of a debut in a while. There isn't any room for plenty of improvement musically. They need to stick to one genre, maybe black metal since the vocals make it sound like they're just a black metal act. But the guitars are more thrash distorted and slow paced. I can't hear why they would be also in the genre of death metal. There's nothing really on here that demonstrates them to be within that genre also.

Nothing excited me about this band. They're totally a waste. The live songs sounded just like noise. I could hardly bare to listen to the concert tracks. You could hardly hear anything at all except total disgust that's supposed to be metal?! I have nothing good to say about these live songs. I'm not sure why they included them into this debut. The studio songs were bad enough and the live tracks just made things worse. There wasn't music, just utter noise.

The production wasn't that bad since you could hear everything on the studio version songs. The vocals, guitars, bass, and drums you could hear pretty well. The mixing was good, but just this band really sucks. They have no talent whatsoever and I don't think that they have any promise to become a better band musically. A total waste of a release. I couldn't get into this band at all no matter how hard I tried with repeated spins. They just wasted my time.

If you want utter disgust to go into your metal collection, then buy this album. Otherwise, save your money and don't pick this up. It has nothing good or innovative about it. I haven't heard such a terrible debut in a long time. The live tracks were so terrible I had to skip through them in order to avoid becoming nauseated. No talent, no creativity, no promise, and no room for liking this album. I've heard some pretty bad albums in the past, but this one deserves to be among that rank.


  1. Tall And Proud
  2. A Grievers Soul
  3. Cursed (Could Have Been Such A Beautiful Word if Not Thrown Upon by Others)
  4. Blinded
  5. Die Lke Jesus Christ (live)
  6. Where Am I!?! (live)
  7. Move (live)
  8. Smell Of Fear (live)
  9. Byron Lawless (bonus track)

Reviewer: Death8699
Feb 13, 2012
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