Single Bullet Theory - Behind Eyes Of Hatred

Second album of this metal quartet. SBT plays aggressive metal but with emotion and melodic passages. Vocalstyle is raw but can be clean as well. Guitarriffing can be sheering with nice leads and the drums closes every hole. Tempo of the songs range from compelling to furious attacks. In short this album offers a great variety of impusions and certainly is not boring. Telling that this album was recorded by James Murphy and referring to their nice website, SBT has made a good step forward.

1. A view from nowhere
2. Cold as stone
3. Retribution
4. In sequence
5. Hollowed out
6. One bullet
7. I of the enemy
8. The needle
9. The hurt that never ends
10. Badlands (cover Metal Church)
11. Shades of things to come

Crash Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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