Sithlord – From Out Of The Darkness

What could be more metal than the return of the dark siders from Australia? Probably not much. After almost eighteen years of quiet without an album the thrash group Witchripper have shown their true moniker as Sithlord. Continuing down their sci fi themes of their album back in 2002, these guys put a old school tone with their album “Out Of The Darkness” mixed with plenty of Star Wars inspired songs. While they don’t pull much from the actual movies save for a few laser blasts and a lightsaber ignition, the album hits hard enough to feel like one is being run through by a podracer. It is loud, fast, and everything an 80s metal fan could probably want.

The album is short, but features plenty of (early) Metallica meets Exodus moments such as ‘Rebel Scum’ and ‘The Alliance Of Hate’. While following a rather basic formula of fast riffs, slower bridge, and fast riffs again with rather repetitive drumming, the energy felt on this album is tremendous. Vocally, the production is a little rough as it sounds like he’s shouting in an empty handball court with the echo bouncing off the wall, but the whole 80s feel is right there. Other tracks like ‘The Accursed’ feel more like a page out of Vader’s book with a little bit of a death metal touch to them in the way the riffs are styled, but the track just demolishes, especially with the long instrumental part that carries all the way to the end. Other tracks like ‘Dead By Dawn’ feature a similar approach, even though the instrumental bits are not as long, but it sounds like an excellent background piece to play during a lightsaber battle from one of the Star Wars films.

‘The Return To Godless Times’ is a nice nod to their debut album but sounds a bit too much like the more straightforward thrash pieces heard earlier on the album. Listeners are definitely going to hear a lot of repetition here from Sithlord, but for anyone who likes speed thrash in general this is going to be a fun listen. “From Out Of The Darkness” is a metal album Star Wars fans should enjoy in general as it has lots of references to the films in the lyrics while keeping up a thrashy attitude and touching on other things as well so as not to alienate other listeners too much who might not big the biggest fans of the sci fi references, but still enjoy hard, thrashy metal.

3 / 5 STARS 

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara

Oct 11, 2020

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Sithlord – From Out Of The Darkness

review Sithlord - From Out Of The Darkness

1. Next In Line
2. Rebel Scum
3. From Out Of The Darkness
4. Alliance Of Hate
5. The Accursed
6. Siths Revenge
7. The Return To Godless Times
8. Dead By Dawn


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