Skulmagot - Fascinated By Disgust

This lousy written Skulmagot (somehow I missed the moment when band names with missing letters became 'kvlt' but there are plenty of them nowadays) is a two-piece band from Helsinki, Finland and "Fascinated By Disgust" is their debut release. The six tracks presented here strike with pure Cannibal Corpse worshipping old school death metal.

First thing to be mentioned here is the good sound production - I dig the clean bass sound that is present on all the six tracks. Then opening two songs - 'Force Fed Testicles' (poor balls!) and 'Toilet Skul' (another missing letter that has gone down the toilet) are directly influenced by the "Eaten Back To Life" era of Cannibal Corpse. 'Fetid Female Floater' has some Deicide thrown in that is felt mainly in the way of drumming and the title track 'Fascinated By Disgust' is slower than the others but still heavy enough to make your face looking like the one on the cover of this EP.

The final two tracks 'Infected Holes' and 'Human Kebab' (guess dr. Hannibal will appreciate that one pretty much) are classic old school death metal - nothing more,nothing less. In case you are a rabid Cannibal Corpse follower and you have a special love for the their first three records then Skulmagot is something you should definitely check out. The Finns don't bring anything new to the table but this brand of old school death metal is always enjoyable!

  1. Force Fed Testicles
  2. Toilet Skul
  3. Fetid Female Floater
  4. Fascinated By Disgust
  5. Infested Holes
  6. Human Kebab

Self released
Reviewer: Tsvetan
Apr 22, 2016

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