Skyfire - Esoteric

Hailing from the small town of Höör, Sweden, Skyfire is an active part of the music scene since 1995. The band previously released 2 demos, 2 EP´s and 3 full length albums and their newest offering “Esoteric” was launched by Pivotal Rockordings. It contains 11 songs with a copious total playing time of about 56 minutes. After the dark and menacing “Deathlike Overture” opened the gates to an intense musical trip, Skyfire immediately reminds me of a meeting of older In Flames with nowadays Dimmu Borgir. A few progressive Power Metal influences as well as several Black Metal inspirations were also added to offer enough alternations to avoid sounding one-dimensional or like another faceless copy of the foresaid acts. “Esoteric” contains lots of keyboard passages, which are sometimes just a nice attachment and sometimes one of the main ingredients. In my opinion, some of the parts are a bit too obtrusive and too bombastic, but that´s open to dispute. The songs range from a slower pace with an embossed atmosphere to wrathful faster sections. Despite the huge dose of orotundity in each track and the technically accomplished musicianship, it´s not too complicated to follow Skyfires direction and ideas. It´s nice when a band shows its skills, but a few songs are sometimes too overloaded with pompous components. On the other hand, it´s difficult to give each instrument enough space to unfold itself, which was handled excellent with this great and powerful production. As a small bonus, you get the old demo song “Within Reach”. The track differs in recording quality as well as the vocal style. The clean passages won´t fit the music on “Esoteric” anymore, but it´s an interesting addition for long time fans. The result is a sapid album with a constant high compositional level. Fans of melodic and technical Black / Death Metal should give Skyfire a try.

1. Deathlike Overture (Intro) 
2. Esoteric 
3. Rise and Decay 
4. Let The Old World Burn 
5. Darkness Descending 
6. Seclusion 
7. Misery's Supremacy 
8. Under A Pitch Black Sky 
9. Linger In Doubt 
10. The Legacy of the Defeated 
11. Within Reach (Bonus)
Pivotal Rockordings
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 26, 2009

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