Slaughterday - Nightmare Vortex

The smell… It is the smell of this particular release that will make you wanna sink your flesh-thirsty teeth in it! Imagine a carcass rotting under the hot desert sun, reeking a scent unmatched! This type of stink is what defines this release! The boys from Leer (Germany) have done it! Slaughterday is a two member band, but that didn't stop them from recording both of their releases in 2013. A 4-track demo called "Cosmic Horror" and now this one!

"Nightmare Vortex" is the title of their first full length, and as their demo, it is released by FDA Rekotz. The way those Germans deal with death metal is the old school way bands as Entombed and Asphyx taught. Muddy, swampy riffs. Slow crawlin behind you, followed by a heavy as tank bass guitar. The drum work is 100% attached to the idea of old school. This means that the whole drumming performance is based on groove! From fills and breaks, up til the main drum pattern that defines a song! Simply relentless and so close to the bass guitar! I mean… this is hint number one for those who want to play old school shit! A killer rhythm section. In Slaughterdays case, we're talking about a sumo heavy rhythm section that destroys everything it walks upon! Now imagine such a rhythm section, fit tight upon solid and really interesting guitar themes and fills! We're talking about an exceptional riffing part! They are drawn straight from the glorious 90s!

This type of music could make many of the old bands be proud for the heritage they left and its continuation. The feeling is there. 8 songs of pure old school dark and chaotic death metal, full of groove and intensity, just like they did it back in the day! The hungry ones, should try the LP version of this platter of rot, as it contains a bonus cover on 'The Ghoul' from Pentagram. 40  minutes total running time and words are just not good enough to describe the emotion. It is as if someone stuck you in a smelly tomb six feet under, and then took you back up. And you know what the funny thing is? You want back in! Word!!

  1. Unearthly Evocation
  2. Nightmare Vortex
  3. Addicted To The Grave
  4. Cosmic Horror
  5. Morbid Shroud Of Sickness
  6. Cult Of The Dreaming Dead
  7. Obsessed With The Undead
  8. Cryptic Desolation