Slavebreed - Dethrone The Architect

Slavebreed is a band from Athens, Greece, playing a mixture of grindcore and death metal with some crust/hard core influences. In the summer of 2012 Slavebreed released their second full-length album, "Dethrone The Architect".

A New Plague Upon Us
A siren wails furiously to some sonic buzzing as this full length album gets underway – Let the purgatory commence, and it does so in no uncertain terms – immediately impacting on the ears, it unleashes its distinct grindcore noise and tears off in the direction of menace - but in true grind style lasts only a brief time before finishing.

A lot of grinding, growling and menace as this little onslaught carries the weight of melodic scathing riffs and devilish beats.  Its taunting and torturous notes fly in abundance and will no doubt trigger total chaos when played live to an audience of hungry grinders!

Diluted’s Canticle
Sampled voice begins and then a climbing of tremendous riffs take over, combining more gnarly growls and fierce drumming. Fast paced and virulent this will numb the senses for sure!

Failed Sepuku
Dark and menacing, as it reaches its peak well in the allotted time for a grindcore track. Riveting and compelling in its strengthening stance and impacted with infectious groove - although too damn short to really get into!

Catchy although still gruesome, scathing and indeed more than just potent, the screeching alone sends shivers down the spine, finishing with a sampled voice.

Superb heavy chiseled guitar riffs that are invading and forcibly removes the inside of the ear drum with musical precision. A caustic brewing of overwhelming intensity and sheer intrigue and again finishes with a sampled voice its last words: “Deviant thoughts will not be tolerated” Although listening to the track I do have a few :D

Dethrone The Architect
The title track to the album – comes blistering into sonic existence with striking vocal prowess and a dizzy array of kick beats full of spite with added gnarly threat that has a compelling rhythm and just eats you alive.

Inside The Jaws Of Famine
Smouldering with intent this track ignites, and then explodes into a maelstrom of deadly riffs proving to be a good encounter of the thoroughly brutal kind that will leave scars as the thickening rhythms twist into total fury.

Starts with another sampled voice and then bursts into some guttural growls that sound more than menacing and in purgatory! Its coarse riffs are solid and unyielding whilst the drumming is fast and chaotic – a good invasive track!

Penal Colony
Rhythmic and stands proud on a fierce gruff vocal this is one track that really is worth playing over again for its rich textures of unbridled scorn as it unleashes a malevolent force straight to the aural cortex and if you try and windmill to this will do yourself a permanent mischief! Enthralling, and to the very extreme but has plenty of rhythmic swagger and lasts just long enough to get your teeth into. I shall have to repeat this one several times to savour its goodness... or should that be badness?

Preaching To The Fallen
A shrill guitar riff fires up and then the track levels out even if it is gruesomely gnarly.  Very expressive and descriptive musically although lyrically you can never tell what the bands are singing but that’s what makes grindcore special - it is crazy and barbaric but it sure does scratch the itch! – Well if you like music played in this manner – which I do! Oh yes!

Dog Eat Dog (cover Disrupt)
Just like the real thing – aggressive, devious and downright evil, being the muscle bound predator this scales the heights with a ferocity all its own through displaying immense power. A very good cover done by the band.

Chironex Fleckeri
A sampled whispered voice starts up and then the track gets more inflamed as it unfolds.  Nice and brutal as you would expect, merciless but again short!

Sailing The Styx
Drums are more prevalent here.  It houses an eagerness to be potent and sculpted in the fine art of brutality and ravenously devours as its torrid rhythms disrupt the aural with brute force of a vibrant chaotic nature, and leave a tang of confrontation on the tongue. The ending is a distorted buzz that turns into a sampled voice talking about a caged lion and how important freedom really is – here, here, to that!

A relentless and unbridled passionate album that bares its teeth like a rabid dog to water. Although there is some predictability in its work as you would expect grind core is meant to be fast with a potent landscape of sound and this is what you get here. Emotive, and strong, showing a solid provocative journey into a punishing and gruelling nightmare that grinders everywhere will not want to wake from, and will definitely unleash a few demons from the system on playing. The sparks will fly and the aggression will be felt, so I think the band have proved their worth on all fourteen tracks but “Penal Colony” is my out and out favourite and will no doubt get a few more plays yet! This is a feast of impressive ear splitting sound that will give no respite - if that is what you want? – But I doubt that! Bring on the brutal I say!

  1. A New Plague Upon Us
  2. Avaritia
  3. Diluted’s Canticle
  4. Failed Sepuku
  5. Plebeians
  6. Flagellants
  7. Dethrone The Architect
  8. Inside The Jaws Of Famine
  9. Maleficium
  10. Penal Colony
  11. Preaching To The Fallen
  12. Dog Eat Dog (Disrupt Cover)
  13. Chironex Fleckeri
  14. Sailing The Styx