Slayer - Christ Illusion

From the opening to the closing feedback that envelopes this release, SLAYER return to give us what they do best – a barricade of tech-perfect thrash metal riffing fronted by their distinctive hatred-filled lyrics and vocal approach, and the occasional skin-peeling solo coming in for good measure.

Dating into their career yet never sounding dated, the return of Lombardo to the drums seems to have recharged SLAYER to return as so avidly real as the unwanted yet despotic truth one cannot deny. And with a title like Christ Illusion, tracks like Jihad and Tom warbling “religion’s a whore…. I’ve made my choice. Six six six”, there is no turning back. This is SLAYER at its best, riff after riff of crushing ardor, all in your face and without compromise, no more no less.

Yet in comes doubting Thomas complaining he has heard it all before. True, Christ Illusion is not a ground-breaking album and the usual customary SLAYER hook does come about, yet then again, do not many a whomsoever band have an own signature thrown in quite occasionally? Yet undiscussably SLAYER have been among the few to have pulled it through throughout all these years. Not to mention that Christ Illusion has its shares of unexpected riffs or lead breaks that come from out of nowhere yet sound so aptly at the right moment that they seem like a serial killer eagerly jumping from behind the corner to rip you apart for doubting SLAYER’s salmagundi of rhythm frenzy.

No more words necessary. Once again, another album where SLAYER prove who are the masters of the genre, at least for the merit of having one wish to be at their live show rather than home spinning their record. Buy buy buy!!! Or be killed, killed, killed.

1. flesh storm
2. catalyst
3. skeleton christ
4. eyes of the insane
5. jihad
6. consfearacy
7. catatonic
8. black serenade
9. cult
10. supremist

American Recordings
Reviewer: necrogool
Feb 26, 2009

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