Slayer - God Hates Us All

After closely analyzing this 13 track release (the Oz and Japanese releases include 15) 'God Hates Us All' I'd go so far in saying that this is their best output since 'Reign in Blood' (1986) or 'Seasons in the Abyss' (1990). The main reason is that it has all of the characteristics in making a great thrash metal record: aggression, anger, heavy/speed filled riffing, hatred spewed lyrics and blaring leads with some wah-pedal enhanced ones as well.

In an interview Jeff Hanneman quotes "then we got our shit together, went up to Vancouver and made a record". The opening track is more of a segue to the next 12 tracks. 'Disciple' is the blaring of distorted guitar riffs and drums in timing with this a load of aggression. Kerry King wrote 80% of the lyrics and they're not just mindless "Satan this and that" they are yes hate filled but more intriguing to read than older releases because I think it's a portrayal of what kind of society America has become.

With each new track there are definite high points that outweigh the mediocre riffing I'd say there isn't really a track on here that doesn't display talent by these thrash veterans. As this is their 8th studio release Slayer did well on the charts when this was released on September 11, 2001. There was some setbacks that they had to endure part of which was the making of the cover artwork which revealed the slight burning of the Holy Bible.

Lead trade-offs by Hanneman and King (Hanneman is a bit more technical in this department) and Araya screaming these lyrics Slayer comes together to dominate! He (Araya) actually studied about serial killers in writing some of the songs on this release. As I said, the lyrical content is wholly violent but less about Satanism and more about reality. There were some tracks recorded with a 7-string guitar and the rest of the release they're in E-flat (for all of you guitar players out there!).

If you're not convinced by my praise of this release then try 'Disciple', 'God Send Death' and 'New Faith', then you'll know what I'm talking about. The riffs just stick in your head and the drumming was well executed by Paul Bostaph (ex-Forbidden drummer). Bostaph was forced to leave the band because of a chronic left elbow injury so he wasn't able to drum for the rest of the 'God Hates Us All' tour. However, Kerry King gave ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo a ring and he filled in. Now he's back as a permanent drummer for Slayer!

I would hardly call this "metalcore", this is to me a great thrash release by these veterans. They never really abdicated their roots just to please fans. 'God Hates Us All' should be within the top 5 Slayer recordings out of their entire discography! Get it if you haven't already!!!

1. Darkness Of Christ
2. Disciple
3. God Send Death
4. New Faith
5. Cast Down
6. Threshold
7. Exile
8. Seven Faces
9. Bloodline
10. Deviance
11. War Zone
12. Here Comes The Pain
13. Payback

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Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 9, 2010

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