Slit - Cronaca Nera

Debut full length from these bringers of bad news from Malta. With a lot of conviction and aggression they throw at us a mix of extreme styles like moshing hardcore, thrashing and technical metalcore and sheer metallic brutality. Riffs have a lot of variation in approach and twist in tempo without loosing tightness in the songs. Drums are dynamical and give extra drive to the music. Vocals are aggressive screaming follow up quickly with some variations in sound. Intensity guaranteed on this lesson in aggression.

2. the devil's lexicon
3. 7even demons
4. showcase
5. god shaped hole
6. myriad
7. stone cold, shine
8. paean
9. integrity
10. magnolia part II
11. sinner beyond defile
12. shedding

Retribute Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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